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offers these freighting services, for cargos/goods coming from any locations across 96 countries. The shipments are always in safe hands. Our charges are cost effective and mode of payments can be negotiated.

To continue to use everyday experiences and tools to create solutions around everyday challenges, and turning these challenges into great businesses that will enhance the lives of stakeholders and impact positively on humanity.

About Kilo Maker
Door2Door Door2DoorSmart would enable companies and importers achieve the following:
1. You can use Door-to-Door Smart to get the actual duty, freight and other charges each time you plan for new imports.

2. Door2DoorSmart would help you to compare Air and sea freight quotes from different agents and freight forwarders.

3. Door2DoorSmart would help you detect when and where your clearing agents and courier companies are ripping you off.

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image My name is Kilomaker!
I am trying to locate my children across Nigeria who are abandoned and locked up indoors while other of their mates are playing out there. All those neglected children with Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD (Down Syndrome), Impaired Hearing, Cerebral Palsy etc are my beloved children.

I am sharing N2,000,000 to all parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, neighbors who are willing to identify these sets of children within our communities, across Nigeria and bring to me.

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Global Air Freight

This means the transfer of parcel or cargo or goods via air carrier, which maybe charter or commercial. Such shipment travel out of a commercial or passenger aviation gateways to anywhere planes can fly or land. Air freighting options are always used when items or shipments


Ocean/ Sea Freight

Sea Freight is the common phrase or words used in the world transportation industry. We can as well call it Ocean Freight. Sea Freight is one of the transportation modules to carry cargo from one country to another via sea, by ship/vessel. We send cargo by sea freight


Less Container Load)

In case you do not have enough cargo to stuff in one container alone, so you can send your cargo by LCL. You will need to use our Door2DoorSmart freight calculator to determine the charges for collection of this LCL shipment from origin to its finaldestination in Nigeria.


Bulk Cargo

When your cargo is oversize, over weight and cannot be stuffed in a container, we can move it from any location using Bulk vessel. If you have this kind of cargo, send an enquiry to and receive a quote for the door-to-door service to your destination.

Kilo Maker Popular Packages


At Kilomaker Limited, we have created a reward system to say “Thank You” to any of our clients, both big and small


This is a reward system designed for clients who import goods and products by door-to-door air freight. For every kg of shipment


This is another reward system which focuses on rewarding all importers who use sea/ocean freight.


This reward system is designed to say “Thank You” to all the other group of people who may not be importers but could have access



Do not be idle at home! Create a new business around yourself.

Be a Cargo Broker and earn good commissions
Earn N15,000 for every 20ft container
N25,000 for every 40ft container
N1500 for every cubic meter
N15 for every kilogram CBM Air Cargo negotiate your commissions, if you have multiple shipments.

Start talking to importers and companies within your reach and earn extra income now!


Click on Cargo Broker to register, read Freight Academy to understand the basics of global freight forwarding. Try every opportunity that crosses your way.


The cargo Leader of the month is the individual or organisation which has given us the highest Air Cargo by chargeable weight for the month under review. On daily basis, we will be showing us updates by chargeable weight on our home page. By end of the month the highest Air Cargo by weight, collected at the pick-up location in any country will be the winner of the monthly award.